Design Policy for MAC MARKETING

This policy is effective as of 16 July 2021 and was last updated on 16 July 2021.

1. Introduction:

At Mac Marketing, we are committed to providing high-quality design services to our valued clients. This policy outlines our approach to customer feedback and the associated charges for changes to a project.

2. Customer Feedback Rounds:

We value your input and understand that feedback is an integral part of the design process. To ensure that your design project meets your expectations, we offer two rounds of minor feedback at no additional cost. These feedback rounds are designed to accommodate minor revisions, adjustments, and clarifications to the initial design concept.

3. Additional Feedback Rounds:

If you require more than two rounds of feedback, we will be happy to accommodate your requests. However, for each additional feedback round beyond the initial two, a fee of $39 per hour will be applicable. We will provide an estimate for the additional work required, and work will proceed once you approve the cost estimate.

4. Changing the Project Scope:

We understand that project requirements may evolve over time. If you decide to make significant changes to the project scope after work has commenced, such changes may incur additional charges. These charges will be based on our designers’ labor rate, which is $39 per hour.

5. Project Cancellation:

In the event that you decide to cancel a project after work has begun, you will be responsible for paying for the designer’s labor up to that point. The cost will be calculated based on the number of hours worked at our standard rate of $39 per hour.

6. Payment Terms:

Payment for additional feedback rounds and design changes will be due upon acceptance of the cost estimate. Invoices will be issued and must be settled promptly to ensure timely project delivery.

7. Communication and Approval:

We will maintain open communication with you throughout the design process, keeping you informed of any potential additional charges. We will always seek your approval before proceeding with any changes that may incur extra costs. Clients must CAREFULLY check all the information, including spellings, in the design proofs provided. Once the design is approved for printing, we are NOT liable for any further changes. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the content before granting final approval.

8. Satisfaction Guarantee:

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We always act in the best interest of our customers, and your cooperation is highly appreciated. We want you to be happy with our work; otherwise, our designers may not be able to do their best job at the designs. We encourage open communication and feedback to ensure your satisfaction.

By working together and adhering to this design policy, we can ensure a smooth and collaborative design process that results in a successful outcome for your project.

9. Domain Management

This policy outlines the agreement between our company and the customer regarding the management of the customer’s domain.

By agreeing using our hosting services, the customer acknowledges and agrees to the following terms:
The customer’s domain, while hosted and maintained by our company, remains the property and responsibility of the customer.
MAC Marketing will ensure the domain is hosted and functions effectively during the tenure of the agreement.
The customer is responsible for renewing the domain registration in a timely manner before its expiration.
Should the domain expire due to the customer’s oversight, our company is not liable for any consequent losses or damages.
The customer agrees to promptly inform our company of any changes required or issues to be addressed regarding the domain.
Both parties commit to their respective responsibilities for the domain’s upkeep and agree to communicate any changes that might affect the domain’s status or service.

If you need any further customization or clarification in your policy, please feel free to let us know.