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There are many service types available through merchant accounts, including credit card processing, ACH settlement, international transaction processing, and recurring billing.

Before selecting your merchant accounts providers, you should consider transparency, security, and transaction costs, as well as other factors. MAC Marketing is a great merchant service in Austin!

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In Austin, sales management software more than many stores use

Sell quickly Tightly manage goodsEasy to use

MACUSA has released several nail salon management POS software products. The company produces PC and iPad versions of its POS software. Particularly, we include cash registers to help nail salon owners manage their establishments effectively.

All small and large businesses in Auston, TX can benefit from using this terminal, which is versatile and advanced, offering features such as a contactless, sign, and tip on the screen, batching, and keeping signatures on iCloud, and wired, or wireless connections.

Compact & Convenient​

Cost Savings

Simple - Easy To Use


Increase Review For Nail Store

Full Features For Nails Salon​




MAC USA has developed a nail salon management POS software. We develop PC and iPad versions of their products, especially those compatible with Clover Flex cash registers. It is therefore very easy for nail salon owners to manage their businesses.


The owner pays the card machine fee based on the card swipe time and the type of card the customer processes.

Flat Rate

Fixed fee of 1 card machine with no limit on card type and card swipe times.

Cash Discount

Support the store to increase cash volume and save 100% on card machine fees.

Pay Fees

Customers pay fees for card machines

Convenience Fee

Automatic card machine showing convenience fee

Types of cards

Ready to get started?

POS equipment

Using a POS System, your nail salon can solve issues like scheduling appointments, dividing staff turns, calculating wages, sharing gratuities, collecting customer information, and running promotions.




Shared Card Machine with POS


  • Aldelo Station comes with sp30 or s300
  • Super EZ POS comes with z11, A80, A920, Clover Mini, Clover Flex


How to Use Merchant Services

When it comes to MAC USA (Provide Merchant Services in California) , We are experts when it comes to software, hardware, and other important options that will suit any business type. They offer complete all-in-one solutions for restaurants & bars, nails salon or retail establishments; you name the business type!

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Services using POS System

A POS system allows you to accept customer payments, track your sales, and manage your small business

Sell quickly Tightly manage goodsEasy to use

We work with a range of different small business owners in USA. We have been able to cater to all sorts of niches and industries thus far, including the following:

POS system for restaurant

Pos helps restaurant operators achieve simplicity and efficiency. Built with full restaurant management features, perfect for small to medium size operations.

POS systems for retail

Gift Shop, Grocery, Convenience Store, Super Market …
Suitable for all business models
Pos management software fully meets the features of all business areas. Pos system provides the best sales solution, printing invoices quickly. Order management system by barcode helps you manage and search for products easily


POS system for small business

Solutions for shops, small and medium enterprises.
Stores and businesses have special needs for sales management, employee management, payment solutions

POS system for nail salon

Nail Salon, Hair Salon, Spa, Massage …
Integrations between apps on the cash register side and the payment module, minimizing complex data transfers and time-consuming IT management.


With over 12 years of experience in merchant credit card, POS systems, and digital marketing, Mac USA is proud to be the largest market share for the Vietnamese community in the United States. We currently support over 12,000 customers with an annual cash flow of over $1.5 billion.


We are dedicated to become the first choice of payment, marketing, and business management solutions for Vietnamese in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Customer reviews

With over 12 years of experience in the field, we have an impressive track record. With the largest market share in Vietnam, and over 12,000 clients with a cash flow processing of 1.5 billion USD per year Mac USA is proud to offer our services.

More time and less hassle! With MAC-POS, I can now manage cash flow more efficiently, enhance our brand's awareness with a good tool like this and save lots of time not only for my business but also our customers. Customers can book appointments online with the help of MAC-POS software that saves both time and money on things such as advertising as well. For just $99 per year, it is such an excellent system to be used to improve all aspects of our business!
Quick & Easy
The MAC-POS system has made it possible for shops owners to manage the cash flow more efficiently. It is a good way to enhance or raise brands’ awareness, and it saves lot of time not just for the shop owner, but also for customers! Thanks to this system, customers can book appointments online and wait less than before!
Good service
When I use the MAC-POS system, my business performance has improved a lot. Most of my aspects like managing time and money can be done with ease. Customers' satisfaction also increased because booking online which reduces waiting time for customers. It's a good system to boost your business
Easy to use
I've been using MAC-POS system for a while, I recorgnized that customers are satisfied with online booking service because they don't need to wait any longer that has so far improved the overall performance of my business. It's a great way for your business to grow

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MAC USA is proud to be the largest market share for Vietnamese in the United States. Our current customers have an annual processing volume of nearly $1.5 billion a year.


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    If you own a small business with limited resources, you can take advantage of a variety of merchant services to accept credit card and other digital payments with minimal upfront costs and hassle. These services make it easy for customers to pay you with a simple tap of their smartphone or tablet rather than cash or a check.

    As a business owner, you may be wondering what the Merchant Services industry is and how it can help your business grow. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Merchant Services industry so that you can make informed decisions about growing your business with this service. Just like any other industry, the Merchant Services sector has its own unique terminology, processes, and business models. These factors all combine together to create an entire ecosystem which is where we’ll begin our discussion of what the Merchant Services industry is and how it can benefit your company.